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Bella’s Studio was formally established in Glendale, CA in 1996. Her training and experience, however, dates back to 1968 when as a child she was influenced by her mother’s amazing talent as a professional cosmetologist. With her drive, creative talent, and her mother’s constant training and encouragement, she was determined to become the best she could be.

Over the past 47 years, Bella has become a successful influence in her industry by setting new trends, developing a variety of signature hair styles, and applying high-end products from leading manufacturers around the world. Her personal drive and unstoppable creative energy has placed her along notable professionals in numerous competing fashion shows worldwide.

Bella’s formal education started at one of Europe’s most distinguished institutes, L'oreal de Paris, where she graduated top of her class at the age of 19. Then she formed her own business at 21 in order to follow in her mother’s legendary footsteps. History has repeated itself successfully where Arlet, Bella’s daughter, has chosen to develop her career in cosmetology as well. This highly talented, educated, and energetic mother-daughter duo manages a thriving business that was started 47 years ago, offers unique hair and makeup artistic creations, exceptional customer service, and high quality products. The considerable list of their long time loyal clients only attests to their artistic talents and superb customer service. They are constantly setting goals to reach new boundaries in the ever changing world of high fashion.

About Bella & Arlet Ghazarian

Bella Ghazarian
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Arlet Ghazarian
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